Jean Ray Laury
designer - quilter - teacher - writer

Lots and lots of big balloons
Were selling at the Fair.
And Billy wanted one because
They stayed up in the air.

And when his mother bought him one
He only wanted more.
He cried and screamed and stamped his feet
Until she'd bought him four.

And when his mother bought him six,
"That's all you get" she said.
He laid down on the grass and kicked
Until his face grew red.

And when he got his tenth balloon,
And thought he'd been quite clever,
The big balloons just picked him up
And flew away forever.

© Jean Ray Laury

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(A Mother's Garden of Cautionary Verses, in Which Kids Get What They Deserve)
© Jean Ray Laury

About Jean Ray Laury

Jean Ray Laury is a freelance designer, quilter, and writer with one-woman, and group shows at museums, galleries and universities across the country. Her quilts are in both private and museum collections.

Along with quilting, workshops, and lectures, Jean has an avid interest in folk arts and crafts, reading, cooking, (eating), and hiking. She and her husband Frank (retired from California State University Fresno) live near a creek in the Sierra foothills where they are visited by wild turkeys, deer, fox, family and friends.

Jean has written numerous books about quilt making. Her teaching and lecturing have taken her world wide --- from Japan and Australia to Belgium, France, Norway, Austria, and South Africa.


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